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Thanksgiving Traditions

Hello friends.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving in the United States. In the morning I had breakfast with my parents and my grandparents who came into town for Thanksgiving. Every year we have cinnamon rolls for breakfast before the big meal. The day after Thanksgiving we always use the leftover turkey to make enchiladas for dinner. I love those sorts of family traditions. My grandma used to take my sister and I to a theme park in Oregon called Enchanted Forest every year during spring break. I don’t remember it now because my grandma passed away when I was still pretty young, but just knowing that she did that for us is a wonderful thing.

I’m looking forward to Christmas too. Every year my mom and I watch A Christmas Carol with George Scott which is our favorite version of that movie. Similarly, we watch Young Frankenstein every year on Halloween. On Christmas Eve we have our traditional meal of spam spread sandwiches and potato soup (I promise it does taste good) which was started by my grandma.

Traditions can be an issue when they’re followed blindly or used as an excuse not to change things that should be changed, but I see no reason to throw out all of the old things just because they’re old. As usual, there’s a healthy middle way. I think humans often want to feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves. Some find such a feeling in religion or humanitarian work. Some instead choose to embrace any perceived insignificance of themselves or the universe.

I tend to believe that the world is filled with significance. I don’t think something has to be large, profound, or long lasting to be greatly significant. For me, spam spread sandwiches and potato soup on Christmas Eve is, at that moment, more significant than anything else. Of course I don’t disparage anyone who thinks otherwise. I hope people can find what they’re looking for is all.

But as for me, I’m thankful for family traditions that tie me to the ones I love both living and passed.

I think that’s all I have to say this time so I’ll keep this one short.

Until next time