The Earth in My Reflection

This Earth that I will conquer could be yours.
Although as yet I have not conquered it,
I picture it will be but twenty scores
Of years until this land submits to me
At which time I will finally give my plea:
I want to live, no longer counterfeit.

That said, I don’t know how to give to you
This Earth which stands inside the distant lands.
How can I give you lands that are askew?
I know that I’m awry and not yet free,
But will you ever deign to take my plea
To run to places where my planet stands?

Now twenty scores of years have come and passed.
The Earth I wished to conquer conquered me,
So I will go beyond this Earth and past
The other lands which hold my planet down
Until I find a planet with a crown
That it will share and help to set me free.

Now twenty scores again have come and passed.
The Earth that I have conquered set me free,
So let’s go out to what we have amassed:
These lands of ours together make a place
Where you and me can travel all through space,
Rejoicing in the planets we will see.