are mostly mundane.
Occasionally an extraordinary event befalls us, but they are few and far between.
If we cannot
to the mundane in our lives, how can we connect to ourselves?
If we cannot
to one another through the mundane in each other’s lives, how will we ever truly connect to one another?

I’ve heard it said that dreams are only interesting to those who
I suppose to others, dreams are too mundane.
There are differing theories and beliefs as to why we dream, but it seems that, for one reason or another, dreams are
to us.
If a person finds their dream
does that not make it important to them?
What if the dream is frightening or funny?
If someone wishes to
their dream, why not listen because they find it important?

The Collaborative Dream Journal is intended to be a collection of dreams submitted by anyone who wants to share them and intended for anyone who wants to read them.
If you feel so inclined, please scroll through this page to find tips on sharing your dream and instructions for submitting your dream record.
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Tips for sharing your dreams:

1. You do not need to stop at sharing only the events of your dreams. Share what you feel comfortable with, but it may also include the emotions connected to your dream and the personal significance your dream has for you.

2. The emotions we feel in dreams are complicated. I have had emotions in dreams that I have never experienced in the waking world. Do your best to explain these emotions. You may refer to other emotions that are similar or tell us to imagine a situation in which we may feel the same emotion.

3. Be descriptive. If you can paint a picture of your dream in the minds of whoever reads it then it may be more interesting to read.

4. When telling dreams that happened some time ago, tell it exactly as you remember it. Memories fade and morph over time, but I believe that the way we remember things now is what affects the here and now.

5. Dreams may have a profound impact on us even when we know they didn’t happen outside our sleeping minds. Feel free to discuss the impact your dream had on your waking life.

A Few Technical Points:

1. Please send your dream record to my email at maxwellmacarthurauthor@gmail.com with "dream" in the subject line. When I am able I will include a submission form on this page, but that will come in time.

2. Any dreams that contain elements that may be triggering to others will be placed behind a content warning. If you wish to add a warning to your dream please specify as such in your email, otherwise I will add warnings if I feel they are necessary.

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Thank you for participating in this collaborative dream journal, whether by telling us your dream or by perusing the dreams of others.