Maxwell MacArthur's dream:

I had a dream that some friends and I went to a Jodo Shinshu Buddhist temple in another city. My religion is Jodo Shinshu Buddhism but I've only been to the temple in my city one time as it's been closed due to the pandemic and instead has been sharing services on YouTube. In my dream I was sitting in the pews for the service and the congregation began to sing an English language hymn. The music was more upbeat than I've ever heard at a Buddhist temple and people began to dance to the music.

Before I knew it, people began standing up to run around and around the pews. They danced while they ran. I also got up to dance and run and had a great time doing it. Pretty soon I was stopped by a man lifting me up and putting me back down on the pews after which he told me that the temple board members decided the congregation had to stop running around during songs because the current temple space was just a large rented room in a building that housed other things as well and there had been complaints.

After they got all the congregants to stop running and dancing, the service went on as normal. Only after the service did I realize that there was no altar at the front of the hondo (the main hall that houses the shrine) but instead there was a piano built into the wall with decorative wood carvings around it.

That was where my dream ended. I'm not one for dream interpretations that say that this or that thing has some specific meaning. I'm no psychologist so this is entirely just my personal opinion, but I tend to think that dreams do have meaning, however I think that meaning is probably very specific to the person who had the dream. Sometimes I think I know what my dreams might mean but for this one I'm not sure. It probably has something to do with the fact that I haven't been able to go to the temple due to covid and my desire to be able to attend services.

Whatever the case, I quite enjoyed the dream and it has helped me to look forward to a time when I can attend temple services in person.