You weren't supposed to find me here.
You'll probably think I'm breaking the fourth wall now.
Maybe I am,
but let's not pretend like I don't do that a lot in my art.
The best art tells you that it's art.

You know it's pretty funny.
I began making this art piece months ago
out of a deep frustration because I believed
I would never find evidence of the paranormal.
I found that evidence though.
Sorry, I'm not going to show you.
That would be too personal.

Confessionalism behind a confessional never did make much sense did it?
But, I still don't think confessionalism does either.
This webpage, the homepage for Tower of Babel Ghost Hunting
(which, by the way,
has recently achieved fortune 500 status)
has grown and evolved like the living being it is.
It meant one thing at first,
Then it changed it's meaning to something else.
Yet a third meaning arrived after that.
I thought the art piece was getting away from me as sometimes happens,
but when I embraced all those meanings all at once
I got my art back. It's mine again.
Things don't mean just one thing, just like life.

Confessionalism makes no sense.
Neither does putting it behind a confessional.
We've all got a lot of shit to figure out.
Call it the growing pains of a humanity
still trying desperately to figure out what it means to be human.
I have found my ghost and we'll figure it out together.
And if we don't, at least now I know ghosts are real.

Thank you for watching me go on this journey.
I mean that. Call it confessionalism I guess.
Until next time,
This is Maxwell MacArthur signing off