This is a general artist statement about the works I create.


I prefer to write and read poetry of classical styles and forms. I especially enjoy writing sonnets and villanelles. Unfortunately, many people have associated this style of poetry with conservatism as if classical aesthetics must necessarily indicate antiquated ideas.

I once found the website for The Society Of Classical Poets and thought I had found a group of poets I could share affinities with. Unfortunately, though officially this society did not have any political leanings, it was obvious that most within the society associated with conservatism and antiquated ideas.

I don't write about politics (the things I write about tend to be confessional or philosophical in nature), but my political beliefs all lie somewhere left of center to varying degrees. I continue to write in classical styles, however, under the belief that these forms should not necessarily be associated with any particular ideas or themes and especially not any particular political beliefs. It doesn't matter to me what forms people choose to write in, but I certainly hope that the option to write in classical forms despite subject matter will remain open. We shouldn't give any form over to any one person, group, or ideology.


I'm still finding my own musical style despite having been making music longer than any other form of art, so there's little to say about this one. I play a few instruments and have also been exploring electronic ways of creating music. I hope to create more and more music as time goes on.

Net Art

Oh boy I'm in over my head with this one.

Prior to making this site and beginning my foray into net art I had no experience whatsoever with coding. And boy have I found myself frustrated on many occasions. But I persist because I believe that net art is a great opportunity to be creative. I stated that I prefer to read and write classical forms of poetry and that still stands, but I feel that net art has been a great way to force me to be creative in new and exciting ways.

Net art often explores the internet itself as its subject matter although more and more commonly net artists are using net art as a format to explore other themes and topics. I fall into this latter group. I like net art because it is necessarily interactive and I feel as if art is too often passive, but I'm more interested in exploring themes and ideas other than the internet via net art. Hope that makes sense.


Those are the three domains of art I have been working with. I'm especially working toward developing a more consistent musical style as well as skills related to coding in order to make more exciting pieces of art that use the internet as a canvas.

Any feedback on any of my art is welcome. My homepage includes a contact tab that lists a few ways I may be contacted.